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My violas are custom made in sizes ranging from 15 1/2"   to   16 3/4"   with   16 1/4"   being the most requested size. I've admired and studied the instruments of the Brecian masters Giovanni P. Maggini (1580-1632) and his teacher Gasparo da Salo Bertolloti (1542-1609) . I've taken their robust and earthy charm and tempered it with the delicate appearence of the Cremonese school.

These violas will have a velvety, lush feeling ranging from the deep powerful C string to the clear, resonant A string. Whether in a quartet, orchestra, or solo situation these violas perform to the highest standards. They will easily meet the most demanding professional needs.

These instruments are visually very attractive, with sweet flowing lines and balanced proportions. They fit easily into the hand and are lightly built for maximum playing comfort, especially in the larger sizes.

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